SIGGRAPH Blog: November 2008

Our last event for the year was HUGE! We had a great turnout, excellent support from Ric Holland at Wacom and a brilliant presentation by Barry Dean whose passion for drawing is so contagious, it’s just as well drawing is good for you! Barry started with a short film by Adam Phillips ( then moved into a combination lecture with exercises. He confessed that he once thought that software would never allow anyone to replicate the techniques of traditional oil painting but then showed us an amazing selection of works that challenging us to pick which ones were the digital versions and which ones were traditional works.

He then took us through a series of his own drawings explaining the techniques used and demonstrated how he built the images. It was clear from Barry’s explanations and examples that there is value in knowing both digital and traditional techniques although he did extol the virtues of Command Z which allows you to step back when you’ve faced the artist’s perennial problem of going just a bit too far when working an image.

He led us through a series of exercises playing with the ideas of line and fill and how they relate to thought and substance. We explored the extremes of drawing  — working with chaos and control to learn how both contribute to a work. He recommended Rudolf Kutzli’s Creative Form Drawing for those wanting to learn more about control and find a sense of harmony, rhythm and balance in creating images.

We then explored the idea of creating a character with character and what he calls sculptural drawing before moving on to the designer’s toolkit: the oval, triangle and rectangle.

We had on hand a Cintiq tablet and Corel Painter software for people to check out (we have some brochures for those who missed out).

It was a great night and hopefully everyone took to heart the exhortation to carry a sketchbook everywhere and draw. As Barry says: Every time you draw something, you make it your own.

Thanks to everyone who made 2008 another great year. Our dates for 2009 with an events schedule will be up on the website in January.

Have a great summer! See you next year.

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