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Sydgraph Computer Graphics Initiative/Sydgraph CGI

This initiative arises out of Vice Chair, Shilo McClean’s experience with the Screen NSW Digital Visual Effects programme. Over the thirteen years of the program’s operation, it has become clear that local artists seeking to gain entry to the industry have greater success when they have access to feedback, encouragement to keep up their skills […]

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SIGGRAPH Blog: November 2008

Our last event for the year was HUGE! We had a great turnout, excellent support from Ric Holland at Wacom and a brilliant presentation by Barry Dean whose passion for drawing is so contagious, it’s just as well drawing is good for you! Barry started with a short film by Adam Phillips ( then moved […]

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SIGGRAPH Blog: October 2008

Bless me members, for I have sinned … it has been many months since my last blog. 2008, hey? Wow, that went quickly! and very well for members who had the benefit of some great sessions over the last six or so months.
April’s session — Showreel Showdown — was both popular and timely for […]

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March ’08

The First Wednesday of the Month seems to have made it into lots of our members’ and friends’ calendars as we have had an excellent turnout for the first two events. We kicked off the year with ‘Mapping the ‘Verse‘, a session that looked at business models for user-generated content. This session was based on […]

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December 07

Our last two sessions have been wonderful opportunities for members to learn about 3D environments with Kit Devine and motion graphics with Anthony Battaglia of Box Communications.
Kit’s session provided a comprehensive analysis of the importance of meaning and the idea of presence in creating virtual spaces. Using examples from physical places and how they have […]

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October 07

In July we held a pre-conference mixer and screened highlights from the 2006 Animation Theatre DVD to remind everyone of what they could look forward to at the Annual General Meeting and Electronic Theatre screening in August. Both events drew good crowds and thanks to CoFA for making the big screening theatre available to us […]

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Sound & Image

Greetings, everyone. I apologize for the delay in posting this review but June is Sydney Film Festival time and, as a guest curator, it tends to monopolize me for the duration.
On Wednesday, 6 June we were thrilled to have Steve Murphy present the session Sound & Image, a compelling examination of the importance of sound […]

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May Blog #3

A big thank you to our May session speaker David J. Smith. His session was Acting Styles and Animation — a great mix of animation know-how and insight into performance. David presented acting styles across the range of subtle cinematic approaches to the theatrical and the cartoon styles. Describing them in terms of both animation […]

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Things to remember about Climbing the Ladder

A big thank you to Peter Giles (AFTRS), Nick Hore (Animal Logic), Jason Bath (Fuel) and Lara Hopkins (Rising Sun Pictures) for their excellent session on career paths and how to get into the industry.
Playing to a packed house, the panel described an industry where, although there are lots of people doing foundation level […]

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Welcome to the Vice Chair’s Blog – Showreels and Happy Feet Report

On 7 February we kicked off this year’s events with a session on that perennial favourite: showreels. The Industry Forum last November made it clear that events focussing on career issues would be very welcome so I put together a session on showreels that included the following… Continue reading

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